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What's New

Mobile Friendly Site

After much tweaking and adusting, this website has been certified Mobile Friendly by Google ... which means, it's probably a bit less desktop-friendly.

-D M Arnold 26-Apr-2015

New Look for HTML Editions

All HTML editions now sport a new look and feel. They're organized by chapter for more convenience and better bandwidth efficiency.

-D M Arnold 20-Apr-2015

Happy New Year!

2015 brings a new, streamlined website that should render more efficiently on tablets and smartphones.

Also, 2015 brings the return of FREE downloads of Earthbound series eBooks. The reason is that wth recent VAT (Value-Added Tax) regulations coming into play in Europe I have decided to return to FREE distribution of Earthbound Series eBooks. I am making them available in the two most widely used format -- MobiPocket (aka Kindle) and ePub, as well as Adobe PDF and rich- and plain-text editions. You may freely download these eBooks and enjoy them.

Also, feel free to download the FREE audiobooks of the titles.

As always, please feel free to contact me with feedback, criticism, complaints or for any reason.

-D M Arnold 1-Jan-2015