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About the Series

The EARTHBOUND Series is a set of five original, character driven novels in a science fiction setting, featuring an ordinary hero with everyday problems: He has a boss, a job that's a grind, a wife who doesn't understand him (but wants him home for dinner) and a high-maintenance girlfriend on the side. He just happens to hail from another world...

Planet Floran was founded 200 years in Earth's future, but simultaneously 5,000 years in her past. 200 years from now the starship Floran embarks on a mission to explore the nearby Beta Centuri star system, a mere 4 light-years distant. As the result of a warp-drive accident, the Floran falls into a black hole and emerges 200 light-years from Earth and 5,000 years in the past. Locating a planet capable of sustaining human life, the ship's crew founds a colony and names the planet after their starship.

In 5,000 years that colony has grown into a civilization of billions, inhabiting a dozen planets. Nonetheless, they require fresh DNA from Earth to keep the plants that supply their food and fiber healthy. To that end, they send an elite team of specially-trained exo-agents who covertly walk the surface of Earth, collecting samples and sending them to the home planet. Nykkyo Kyhana, under the Earth identity of Nick Kane is one such agent.

Volume I Synopsis:

Nykko begins his misson on Earth. There he befriends Sukiko, a lecturer at the university where he is assigned. As their friendship blossoms into a deep love, Nyk discovers she is his own distant ancestor, as well as an ancestor to the man who founded his world. He realizes his love for her risks disrupting future events and jeopardizes his own existence and that of his people.

Nyk blames himself for such a disruption when Sukiko attempts suicide. After intervening to save her life, he decides he must disengage from her, to prevent further interference. But, by now it is too late. Events have been set into motion and Nyk is compelled to intervene again on her behalf -- or face temporal annihilation.

Seen exclusively through the eyes of a visitor from another world, Earthbound unfolds as Nyk's journey of discovery, as he learns of his past, his purpose and finds the love of his life.

The Lexal Affair
Volume II Synopsis:

Nykkyo adjusts to life on his adopted world and living with Sukiko. Meanwhile, authorities on his homeworld begin to question the actions of his friend Andra. They believe she is aiding Lexal, a rogue colony, prepare an invasion force. Nyk is asked to travel to Lexal, betray his friendship and bring Andra to justice.

Arriving on Lexal Nyk discovers things are not as they seem, and he finds himself in the midst of a civil war. As a native of peace-loving planet Floran, he is unprepared for what is in store as he and Andra must run for their lives.

More of an action-adventure story, this second installment in the Earthbound trilogy retains the humanistic, character-driven tone of all four novels.

Volume III Synopsis:

Nykkyo proposes marriage to Sukiko and she accepts. Her due date approaches. Meanwhile, Nyk's vindictive ex-wife Senta informs homeworld authorities of his involvement with an Earth woman -- something expressly forbidden. Nyk is confined to his planet -- planetbound -- and forbidden forever from having contact with Suki. As he tries to vindicate himself, a document surfaces -- family records from the founding days of his world. This document proves his rightful place on Earth as Sukiko's husband and the stepfather of her child.

However, the same document reveals that Suki has less than a year to live. Can he save the life of the woman he loves? To do so -- would he risk changing the future and perhaps his own existence?

In this powerful conclusion to the Earthbound Trilogy, Nyk tests the power of his love against Death itself.

The Altian Plague
Volume IV Synopsis:

Nyk is now a widower living with his mother-in-law and his stepson, and carrying an incredible secret about Suki's death. As New York begins to recover from the September Eleven atack, there is an outbreak of a mysterious and fatal virus on Earth and one of his Floran co-workers succumbs. Nyk begins to believe the virus is of alien origin -- a biological terror weapon developed by a separatist faction on a rogue colony. He teams up with his geneticist ex-wife in a race against time to develop a cure before the separatists can unleash their plague onto an unsuspecting world.

The Lost Colony
Volume V Synopsis:

A mere few hundred years after the founding of Nyk's homeworld, Florans had returned to space to extend their presence to other, more hospitable worlds. One such world was the colony of Varada, founded on an Earth-like planet.

After losing too many vessels in the dangerous Varadan approach, the Florans decided to abandon the colony. However, a stalwart band of colonists refused to leave. Now, after thousands of years of isolation, the Varadans desire contact with their planet of origin.

Because of his talent with languages, Nykkyo is asked to accompany the delegation to Varada and to serve as interpreter. There, he learns a terrible secret about Varadan society; and he discovers the sinister motive a behind a certain Floran faction's interest in the forsaken world.



The Earthbound Series contains scenes of inexplicit hetero- and homo- sexuality, a rape, and scenes of moderate violence. They are suitable for mature teens and adults.


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